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If you have only one attack you have to make it count. Therefore every Attack is your final Attack, that would be easy if you would be facing a single enemy, because your Blast can obliterate anything, but against a horde of smaller enemies you have have to use your brain instead of your Brawn. But if being Over Powered is not enough, then you can always become even stronger, maybe a stronger attack helps against the sheer number of enemies?

This Game was created for as Submission for the third Game Makers Toolkit Game Jam. The topic was "only one". It was created within 48 hours by a single Person, so don't expect perfection. Rather than as a completed Game it should be viewed as Concept or Prototype. 


WSAD or Arrow keys to Move

Mouse to Attack

With enough interest and Time I might make a "What I planned to do" Version of the Game.


One-Final-Attack.zip 18 MB

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